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"I am truly impressed with the amazingly knowledgable, kind, attentive and supportive service at Brides and Grooms. Their expertise was such a lifesaver! They totally upgraded my sisters wedding dress! It came with snaps, that were poking her in the back, and there were a few other alterations to really fit her bustline, and they all came out perfect!


Yong was with us every step of the way, and really helped my sister get exactly what she wanted. All our dresses look amazing, I will certainly be coming back for my wedding, and highly recommend them!!"

Jeanne A.

"I had a last minute wedding and the girls at Brides and Grooms were wonderful! I decided to get married and Spain and needed a dress that would travel well. Carmen helped me find the perfect dress that complemented my hourglass shape. She was so sweet and helpful! We went to Paris after the wedding and decided to put our wedding gear back on and take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower!!! I would definitely recommend this bridal salon!"

Cris A.

"I highly recommend this place. After being to several boutiques that pay no attention to your budget and your preferences and try to play on the emotions involved in a wedding, it was refreshing to have someone that listened and let me look around on my own without pressure. I did find my dress and I am loving it."

Ana R.

"I bought my dress at the salon in DE and found the experience to be just as I had hoped. My party of 7 was able to sit comfortably and watch as I tried on gowns with the support of the team, who helped me to find styles I liked in my price range and helped to dress me. We found the alterations to be resonably priced, the seamstress to be friendly and talented, and the hours to be flexible. No complaints!"

Erin D.

"I went to a different bridal salon before I came here to find my dream dress. I had a nightmare appointment at the previous salon and I was so relieved when I found a salon that carried dress sizes larger than a twig. I'm not a very "large" bride, but I have curves and if you go to one of the mainstream bridal salons you won't fit into any samples, which is what happened to me. All in all: come here if you want style, affordability, and a variety of designers. The woman that helped me was amazing! I will also be getting my alterations done here."

Michelle C